The latest announcement Opinions on environmental impact assessment of surface finishing Industrial Park Phase II project and sewage treatment plant project of Shenyang centenary new materials technology development Co., Ltd. (second publicity)

Business Areas

Innovative service system with long-term interests in mind

Health care products

As the pillar industry of the group, the group implements the sustainable development strategy of green food and takes the concept of creating "natural, healthy, convenient and delicious" health care food as the industry concept

The real estate

Cooperate with Shanghai air administration to develop Shanghai guoji road commercial property successfully. Subsequently, shen qiufudu real estate co., LTD was established in henan by a sole proprietorship. A large project with a development area of 230,000 square meters


Invest a large sum of money to develop jewelry industry, after several years of efforts to build, now has formed from product development, processing, sales one-stop operation

Latest Development

Okra product

Focus on quality, focus on products

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Real estate

Management creates value

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News Center

The road ahead is full of opportunities and challenges, and we will continue to enhance our competitiveness and innovation capabilities, and put good quality and management at the heart of our lives


Approved by the state administration of industry and commerce as a non-regional enterprise group, there are 12 groups Subsidiary.


We will actively promote the development strategy of "one body" and "two wings".


The group has successively obtained "China's 500 largest private enterprises", Zhejiang top 100 technology enterprises.

Talent Development

To comprehensively display the information of enterprise talent strategy, salary and welfare, life support and so on, to attract outstanding talents from the society and meet the needs of human resources

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